About The Artist: Valerie A. Heck

Valerie rebels against the ordinary. She's performed on stage, burst a rose like fireworks, and made a sonic boom – all with a bullwhip. She has ridden an elephant through the Thai jungle, jumped off a cliff strapped to a Spaniard named Bonzo, and let wild monkeys swing from her braids. Valerie is also uncompromising. She served as a judge for the Niche Awards, was mistaken for a Miss USA contestant in Las Vegas, and trained with Blaine Lewis - the master goldsmith who spent six months training the jewelers at Tiffany & Co. These experiences infuse Valerie's playful, elegant jewelry.

Valerie's goal is to take the initiative and make history. To paraphrase Leonardo (the artist, not the turtle), things do not happen to Valerie. Valerie happens to things.

Valerie has been featured in the book "Wrap, Stitch, Fold and Rivet" by Lark Books, Niche Magazine, American Style Magazine, Art Jewelry Magazine, and JQ Magazine. Valerie is also a Top 10 Halstead Grant Finalist and a 2015 Niche Awards Finalist.

Valerie is based in America's manufacturing heartland, Northeast Ohio. Valerie was the first student to complete the metalsmithing honors program at Towson University, where she graduated summa cum laude. Valerie studied with Blaine Lewis at the New Approach School for Jewelers, where she completed the Graduate Bench Jeweler Program.

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